Sunday, February 21, 2016

plating rosacea introduction

This blog is designed to help my fellow Rosaceans eat and enjoy the foods they crave, eat healthy and learn some sweet fitness tips.  The recipes that will follow in the coming months have been created to have you feeling healthier and have your skin feeling amazing and looking great. I have changed my diet many times and know that it is not easy. Lets remember that everyone is different, we must give each recipe a honest try and see what works best for us. Remembering  that keeping a food journal can help you pin point your flare ups and determine what triggers you may have that differ from others. If you are determined (like I am) to eating the foods you love without the facial flushing and seeing your skin become healthier, all while feeling and looking great, then this blog is for you. Lets work together as Rosaceans to have ourselves looking and feeling great while eating some delicious recipes, making some amazing food, exercising and having fun along the way. -   let's get started on improving our quality of life while discovering some tasty recipes and great workouts!

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